Episode 5 - Tomas Couloir

The nitty gritty...

Ski touring and skiing the Tomas Couloir in the Lyngen Alps of Northern Norway.

A classic moderate couloir in Lyngen, the Tomas is either skied as a single objective or as is often the case, used as an access and exit to various tours and lines in the Lakselvtindane area. We thought we'd have a mooch up and then a butchers at some further options top side.

Snow in the couloir itself was pretty marginal. But once we flopped onto the glacier, a delightful site was there for the greeting. We had a little peak a couple of hundred meters above us, enveloped in that velvety spring powder loveliness that is ohhh so lovely!

Views from the top were a treat and the skiing and snow more than matched. Even the couloir wasn't bad, with nice pockets at the sides.

Finishing up in the spring sun by some rather strange looking grass houses, called Goahti, a traditional Sami shelter, rounded out a cracker of a day!