Episode 4 - Midnight Sun

The nitty gritty...

Aside from the incredible quality of skiing on offer, one of the most alluring reasons for skiing in Lyngen, 350 km within the Arctic Circle, is the midnight sun. In early May, when this was shot, the sun never fully sets, bathing the landscape for hours on end in succulent swathes of orange and purple.

Tom Atkin had just arrived from the UK and we thought it would be a good excuse to go and ski something reasonably short and mellow, but fully immersed in sexy light and surrounds. 

Heading to the very northern tip of the Lyngen peninsula, we spied a tasty looking shoulder on Litlegalten. A couple of hours skinning and rock hopping saw us ready to drop in. Snow was more sun affected than expected on our entry point and we set off a couple of slow and easily manageable wet slides. Immediately skiing away from these and over to and down the crest of the shoulder on a slightly altered aspect; the snow was a lot more stable and skiied pretty darn nicely. 

I could earnestly wax lyrical for hours about the sensual pleasures of skiing down towards the ocean in the midnight sun. But better summed up as, bloody delightful!

Though the skiing itself didn’t really compare to some of our more interesting objectives out there. The overall experience was second to none and will remain memorable to the max.