Episode 3 - Sultinden Gullies, Fish Hunting & Daltinden

The nitty gritty...

An eclectic combination of ski touring and fishing in Norway's Lyngen Alps. First up some cheeky gullies on the North side of Soltinden and then a nice bash down Daltinden.

A mid afternoon start saw us trudging up with the aim of skiing the south side of Sofiatinden. Conditions weren't looking great, so instead with opted for a little plod up the ridge on Soltinden to ski an untracked collection of gullies. The ski down was a blast and we finishing by the side of the fjord in the evening light just screamed classic Lyngen ski touring.

A rest day meant the search for protein was a priority. Hiring a legit looking boat from some chilled fisherman at the dock, we motered out into the fjord to get our lines wet. The stoke level was at an all time high as we each pulled in a couple of prime tasting norwegian cod. I thought 'when in rome' and jumped in the water a couple of times to attempt to spear something. Success was low, however a massive (I mean quite small) cod did at last find its way onto the end of my spear.

Daltinden was next on the menu. A crackin' ski peak with 1500m of skiable vert, it's a popular choice around here for a reason.