Episode 2 - The Godmother Couloir

The nitty gritty...

A simply delightful boat accessed ski ascent and descent of the classic Godmother Couloir in the Lyngen Alps of Northern Norway.

Sitting loud and bloody proud on your way into Lyngseidet, the 1300m high, 40-45 degree 'Godmother Couloir' hardly fails to draw the eye and salivate the mouth. 

An evening dump of snow and the promise of a clear day, saw the plucky band of us four bumbling Brits in a farm boat, making a beeline for the opposite side of the fjord. Stumbling through the slimy seaweed covered rocks, we legged it up scree and straight to the snow and the base of the couloir. 

Flippin' deep snow in parts, made the ascent quite a chore. Luckily some bearded viking stormed past us a 3rd of the way up and kindly broke a nice trail. Good on ya chap! 

The descent was one for the books. 1300m of steep n' deep... nothing else to say really, other than a right banging experience! Or in the words of the classically understated Midland's warrior, William Cockayne.... "not too shabby".