Episode 1 - Goalborri & Goalsevarri NW Gully

The nitty gritty...

A sassy couple of ski tours around the Lyngen Alps of Northern Norway. A stumble up Goalborri (950m), followed by Goalsevarri (1289m) and it's NW gully.

A 3500km drive from Chamonix saw us fine musketeers in the deepest darkest depths of the Arctic Circle in Norway. Sounds impressive, but really it's a developed area with a bleeding university town. The mountain ranges and fjords are an absolute delight however, a literal ski tourers wet dream.

Tour one was up Goalborri in some mingey flat light. The ski ended up being surprisingly enjoyable and even Lyngen on a cloudy day is a site to behold.

Spear in hand, a spot of dinner gathering was attempted. Unfortunately unsuccessful. However being in the vicinity to a pod of dolphins was an absolute delight. 

Tour 2 dawned and this time the gruesome twosome of myself and good William Cockyane plodded through a sweat inducing, rolly polly pine forest up to Goalsevarri. A popular peak with it's sublime summit ridge making for a fantastic ascent. We opted to ski down the untouched NW gully and boy was it a belter. The arching evening light making for a sensual hedonistic experience. Bloody beauty.