Episode 5 - Ohau Peak

The nitty gritty...

A cheeky little soiree up Ohau Peak. Great access, mellow terrain and wicked views, made for a relatively relaxed day touring.

With the weather having an unexpected angry fit (an all to common occurrence), our plans for a bigger peak were shelved in favour of simply finding somewhere with half decent conditions for the day. Spying this tender, but nice looking peak on the drive out from my last tour. I grabbed the lads and off we went with our bikes to the Mackenzie plains and Lake Ohau.

Situated South West of the Lake itself, Ohau Peak is relatively modest in height (1911m), but offers fantastic spring skiing on its south eastern flank, with comparatively easy access, along a purpose built mountain bike track (part of the Alps to Ocean trail).

After the bike in, push up and short hike to the snow line. We ended up having a bountiful corn harvest, with two laps of the flank. The South Western side of the ridge had some simply delightful looking steepish terrain. But the high winds kept the corn locked up there that day.

All in all a great day and a highly recommend, easy going peak to tour. A mid winter mission could be particularly fruitful here, with even easier access and loads of terrain to explore on various aspects.