Episode 4 - Mt Melina

The nitty gritty...

A delightful excursion on the bike and skis, from the Ahuriri Valley, into the Avon Burn and up Mt Melina. 

A spite of unsettled weather, followed by a spike in temperatures on the only weather window that week, saw us sniff out some mellow but still tantalisingly tasty terrain on the lower peaks.

This came in the form of Mt Melina, just off the Ahuriri Valley. Gleaning some info from a nice trip report on skitouring.co.nz, we frolicked off on our bikes and up the Avon Burn.

An hour or so later, with a few river hops thrown in for good measure, we abandoned the bikes for the long stumble up to the snow line. 

Sidling a steep valley for quite awhile, we finally came upon some tendrils of mushy spring snow. 

Alas, mighty Thor or whoever the fuck is up there in the sky, had other plans for us. And before we knew it, we were nipple deep in the finest pea soup fog, this side of inner London and the bleeding River Thames. 

Moral was admittedly rather low at this point, but firmly within the realm of type 2 fun, we soldiered on, using the GPS for guidance.

Well shiver me timbers. Upon reaching the summit ridge, the clouds suddenly started to rise and disperse. Blessed were we indeed. Exciting yelps followed and we bounded on up to the top. 

What followed was, to put it bluntly, a fucking right good ski. 

Velvety compressed powder, quickly morphing into corn and finally a wicked wave like ridge of slushy spring sexiness.

After this it was a trundle down the valley, a hop on the bikes and wheelie back to the car.