Episode 3 - Mt St Mary

The nitty gritty...

A marvellous multi day mooch behind Ohau, into the Barrier Range and up it’s highest peak, Mt St Mary (2337m). 

The call of the wild (aka finishing off some work) saw me lone wolfing from Ohau to the Snowy Gorge Hut on Saturday afternoon. Here I planned to meet up the lads; Manu Nadler, Ian Colvin and Joel ORourke, who had left a few hours earlier.

A 3 hour journey later, with a few healthy river falls under the belt, I stumbled into the hut after dark. Smashed a gallon of tea with the boys and make plans for the next day.

Bleary eyed but relatively bushy tailed, we crawled outta our sleeping bags at 6.30am. Post brekkie, we gallivanted for a couple of hours through the river plains, before hitting the snow line under the North face of Mt St Mary.

From here we had a vertical gain of about 1000m, with a sensationally scenic skin and boot pack up through the various cliff bands. Flopping onto the summit a few hours later, we soaked in the views and did some moderately lame fist bumps.

The ski down was an absolute blast, with a heady combination of dusty n velvety powder up top, corn lower down and wicked terrain.

Getting back to the hut after the 10 hour round trip, we glugged a few ciders, devoured a mountain of food, chatted shit and played a riveting game of Risk on Joel’s phone. Worth noting here that I relived the glory days of the British Empire and absolutely annihilated everyone (beginners luck).

Day 3 saw me and Ian head back out, while Joel and Manu decided to stay another day and give the neighboring Mt Stafford a crack.

Journey back to Ohau ski field was relaxed, with a longer more ‘scenic’ route taken to get some more skiing in. The 8 hours it took us, meant it was probably a little too scenic, but whatever Trevor.

Cracking mission and thoroughly recommended. Some epic ski terrain to be had around the Snowy Gorge Hut.