Episode 2 - Rob Roy Glacier

The nitty gritty...

A romp up the Rob Roy Glacier track for a spot of a skiing in Mount Aspiring National Park, New Zealand. Our aim was to ski the west side of Homestead or potentially parts of the upper Rob Roy Glacier itself.

Well, well ski touring in New Zealand is certainly a fickle fiddle. Waiting for the weather window, jumping headfirst through it… and then hoping not to get cut by the shattering glass. Aka… the infamously variable NZ snow conditions.

Setting off from the Raspberry Creek car park at a rather gentlemanly 9.30am. We spent a couple of hours walking up the famous Rob Roy Glacier track. Proceeded by some very vocal french (on my behalf!), whilst immersing ourselves in some really minging bushwhacking. As in, walking atop meter high bushes annnd falling through every few steps.

Time taken here, coupled with a broken front binding from Jamie. Meant a much smaller pitch of skiing than originally planned. Snow, in all honestly was rather diabolical.

Getting back down to the start of track, we stopped in for a hot cuppa tea at Ryan Taylor and Ryan Marvin’s tent. The next day these boys ended up scoring some first class velvety powder on the upper Rob Roy Glacier.

A fast march back to Raspberry Creek in the dark, concluded an ‘interesting’ day. Quality adventure, quality views, quality company. Wank snow.

In hindsight, a much earlier start in conjunction with a more direct route to the glacier and headwall of the valley, could have got us the goods.

High recommend this area for ski touring. So many ski options up there and if you’re prepared for the bushes, the access is very good. Also the South to South West facing head of the valley, should hold good snow late into the spring.